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Stories and Scripts: an Anthology - Zack Love

I've read 6 of the 7 short stories in this collection by Zack Love and I've enjoyed them all. Whether he's writing a beautiful love story, a zany stage play with silly banter, or an insightful, thought-provoking and quite moving story about 9/11, Zack never fails to pull you into his stories! In this anthology, he illustrates the beauty, depth and range of his awesome writing and story telling abilities. Zack truly puts his heart and soul into everything he writes!

If you've read Zack's novel, Sex in the Title, but haven't ventured into reading any of his short stories, this is an excellent chance (and price!) to read more of his fabulous works.

Here are my reviews of Zack's stories in "Stories and Scripts: an Anthology" --


The Doorman is an inspiring and thought-provoking short story.
It struck a cord with me, especially since I live so close to NYC and could totally appreciate Alex' thoughts and reactions towards his experiences in the story.
For those of you who have read Zack Love's Sex in the Title, this novelette is a departure from Zack's witty, silly and humorous anecdotes, showcasing his amazing ability to write a thoughtful, deep and beautiful story.
If you haven't yet read any of Zack's works, I highly recommend this short story as an excellent introduction to his awesome writing!


In his Latin epic poem, The Aeneid, Roman poet Virgil wrote, "Omnia Vincit Amor" which means, "Love Conquers All" And that's exactly what Zack Love writes about in Central Park Song! This screenplay is about Rodney and Melinda, two totally different people from two totally different worlds. As both search for their true dreams and desires,they meet and their connection is immediate. And as is always true with life and love, there are many obstacles that are in their way. I don't want to spoil the story by telling you anymore, but I will say that Zack Love has written an awesome love story here and his words weave a tale that is beautiful, touching and heartwarming! And definitely a must read! :)

One of my favorite quotes (among many) from Central Park Song: "I think the love completes the soul. Just like knowledge completes the mind"


Beautifully written, City Solipsism allows the reader to get a glimpse into the mind of a man, Jack, who is taking his normal, boring commute into his NYC job. Boring until he spots an attractive woman who just so happens to board the same subway car as Jack and shares the same metal pole with him. Intrigued by this beauty, Jack shares with us his thoughts, memories, hope and desires... all invoked by this mysterious, beautiful stranger. Oh and the ending? Won't spoil it for you but if you've read "Sex In The Title" by Zack, then you will know that it is DEFINITELY Zack Love...True To Form!


You know those days when you come home from work (Usually on a Monday!) after having a grueling, stressful day? When all you want to do is wind down and relax, but walk through the door only to find that your cat has puked up a fur ball on your brand new area rug and the kids have piled dirty dishes sky high in the sink instead of putting them in the dishwasher? You know that feeling ... you just need a break- an escape from reality! Well, Zack Love's "Waiting for 2000" is DEFINITELY that escape! Zack's stage play takes you aboard a cruise ship on a comedic adventure with a boatful of zany crewmembers and overly eccentric billionaire guests. Throw in a couple of jealous, bumbling Wall Street traders into the mix and more craziness ensues! True to Zack Love's witty writing form, "Waiting for 2000" provides you with lots of laughs and head shaking theatrical moments that will undoubtedly make your bad day so much better!

My Best Valentine's Day.Ever and My Worst Valentine's Day.Ever are both short stories about two of the main characters from Zack's hilariously witty first novel, "Sex in the Title". These two stories are just as witty and funny as his novel and these characters still carry on with their silliness in the short stories.

*****The Grand Unified Story is a new story from Zack and I can't wait to read it :)