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Zack Love’s most impressive novel to date!!!

The Syrian Virgin - Zack Love

I loved this book! From the first chapter to the last, “The Syrian Virgin” pulled me in and wouldn’t let me go until I came out the other side. You can tell that Zack Love really put his heart and soul into writing “The Syrian Virgin”. All the time, effort, (and I’m sure, all the blood, sweat and tears) he put into researching and writing EVERY aspect of this book is TRULY evident!

In “The Syrian Virgin”, Zack’s writing is so realistic … it makes you feel like you’re living the story along with Anissa, the young Syrian woman who is the central character in the novel. You feel her pain and her struggle. I felt heartbroken for her and I literally cried for her as I read it.

Zack painted a detailed picture of what’s really going on in Syria and the Middle East. For Anissa and her family, life was very difficult in war-torn Syria. He highlighted the difficulties of being a part of the Christian minority amongst warring groups. It’s a scary picture and more people should be aware of it.

When Anissa arrives in New York, she becomes involved with two very different men. Michael is totally immersed in his activism and doesn’t seem to want to commit to a relationship. On the other hand, her relationship with Julien is very complicated as he is fighting demons of his own.

In my opinion, this is Zack Love’s most impressive novel to date. I really enjoyed the way he wove his characters and their struggles into current events. You could really feel Zack’s passion for this subject and his desire to share it with his readers. I cannot wait for the sequel!